Puppy Questionnaire

It is very important to us that we place our puppies with the best prospective owners. Each puppy has their own personality and potential. With that in mind, we try to make the perfect puppy placement based on temperament, living situations, family atmosphere, goals for your dog, etc. Please know that we respect your privacy, and we will never share your personal information with others.

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    1. What is your color preference? *

    2. What is your gender preference? *

    3. What are the approximate ages of your household members? *

    4. Will the dog be primarily an inside or outside dog? Where will the dog sleep at night? *

    5. Do you presently have any pets? If yes, what type of pets? *

    6. Why do you want a puppy at this time? *

    7. Have you ever owned a Labrador Retriever? If yes, what were the circumstances? *

    8. What are your plans for the Labrador Retriever’s future? i.e. companion, hunting, conformation, etc. *

    9. How will you go about training your Labrador Retriever to be a well-behaved dog? *

    10. We offer our puppies on AKC “Limited” Registration, unless otherwise agreed upon. AKC “Full” Registration is only for breeding dogs. Are you comfortable with Limited Registration? *

    11. Photos of your puppy are important for the success of our breeding program. Would you be willing to send us follow up photos and/or videos of your puppy as it grows?*

    12. Please provide any other information you feel would be relevant in helping us choose the right puppy for you. Also, let us know if you have any questions that we can address. *